What does Teleprompter or Autocue look like?

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For help using teleprompter go to
Using Teleprompter/Autocue to camera
Practice using Teleprompter/Autocue free
10 top tips for using Teleprompter/Autocue at a conference or other live event



~ by David on 15/07/2009.

2 Responses to “What does Teleprompter or Autocue look like?”

  1. Hi there, I was just woundering why presenters use que cards and news reporters use pieces of paper? What is the purpose of this?


    • Hi. Presenters use cards when there’s no autocue or as a back up. Usually it’ll be tightly scripted and they need to keep to it. Reporters are doing just that – they’ll be reporting live from an event or incident. So they’ll be relying on notes, quotes from people and improvising around those notes. Hope that helps

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