Archive – Presenter video showreel

“Using David was the best decision I made. He is a consummate professional.”

Detective Chief Inspector  Chris Philips

Newsreader presenter showreel straight to camera  for the Law Channel

Presenter walking and talking – something not everyone can do!  Video showreel explaining  Continuous Professional Development for pharmacists

This video doesn’t exist

The Pensions Crisis – hosting a TV debate at Channel 4 with questions from both the studio audience and phone -ins.

Presenter showreel in an academic background to explain the Fund of Funds for IFAs

Presenter driving and talking – a security video for the banking industry to cut opportunistic crime. Presenter showreel

Anchorman for  NTLworld  magazine programme- great job sitting on the sofa with my co-presenter until they became Virgin Media

Presenter pushing a wheelbarrow – it just has to be for builders.  Video showreel  outlines pension benefits.

Commercial showreel – a send up of an earnest presenter for Cadbury’s Fuse, and a childlike French newsreader for McDonald’s Happy Meals