Documentary narrator/voice over

Voice over at the Sound Company

As a documentary narrator David has worked on over 60 natural history programmes for National Geographic, such as Giants of Ningaloo, Poles Apart, The Jason Project, Mysteries of the Maya, Antarctic Challenge, and The Man Who Wasn’t Darwin.   He has also narrated over 100 history programmes ranging from Alexander the Great, Global Warning, Dracula, The Search for the Holy Grail, and series such as Battle 360, History’s Raiders, The Last Days of World War 2 for the History Channel and Biography Channel.  Other series include Hitler’s Holocaust, Hitler’s Henchmen, and Battle Stations, and Panorama (BBC)

Richard Nixon – the Arrogance of Power, a Biography Channel special  1′ 10″
Search for the Holy Grail – the History Channel 22″
The Lusitania – great but tragic ship from World War 1  37″

The Dambusters -part of the History’s Raiders series  48″

Last Days of World War 2 – popular 26 part series covering  the last 6 months of the war, week by week  48″
Panorama – Obama and the Ayatollah ( BBC) 30″

The Drifting Museum. National Geographic programme about Australia and sea turtles 38″
BBC Radio 4 style newsreader
Radio Newsreader for BBC disaster docu-drama End Day

“I was most impressed with David’s professionalism and his flexible friendly attitude.   I would not hesitate in hiring him again.”

Sandra Harrison – Founder & Managing Director, Revival Studios.