Practice using Teleprompter/Autocue free

In my previous tips for using teleprompter/autocue I mentioned the importance of practice.
Of course the difficulty is that unless you work in a situation where you can use it every day, it’s hard to get the practice. For occasional presenters it may only happen when they have a big presentation to do and their company or an event organiser hires the equipment.

But if you go to you can get something approaching the real thing – for FREE!!

If you have a script you want to practice, copy and paste it into the white box on the page.
Underneath choose BIG for screen size option, BIG for font size, and WHITE text on black background.


The screen changes to the look of a teleprompter with a control bar along the top. If you click the FORWARD control the text scrolls upwards. There are different speed settings. I found 3 to be the most realistic.

Step back from the screen about 2 or 3 metres and start reading – this is where the large font comes in. If it’s going too fast or slow adjust the speed.

This is a really good way of practicing using a prompt without the pressure of doing it in public. You can get a feel for the way the words come up, how you need to space the text, where to put emphasis or marks into help, and the importance of decent punctuation

But there are two caveats. On a real teleprompter/autocue, the operator adjusts the speed to your delivery, which means you don’t have to stick to the same tempo. This is a major way of introducing variety and emphasis into a presentation.

Also most professional set ups have a little cursor on the left of the screen to guide your eye to the line you are reading on ( particularly handy if you look away from the autocue then back if you are conducting an interview).

But apart from those points it’s a good alternative, and a great way to find out how it feels, and what your strengths and weaknesses are. If you’ve got a camcorder why not video yourself to keep improving.

STOP PRESS I have discovered an even better prompter, which is a free download for a basic version. It has many good features and once installed doesn’t need internet access. Follow the link below

~ by David on 16/02/2009.

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