David is a highly successful TV presenter, actor, and voice over artist with ISDN, based in London UK.

His friendly yet authoritative tones, enhanced by a slight Northern lilt, encourage an image of  trustworthiness, credibility and reliability.

After many years in broadcasting his voice is now synonymous with integrity and sincerity. Add to this a sharp wit, David’s adaptability and skill make him the man you have got to call.

“The only authoritative voice in town!!”

Jen Callegher – Producer NBC, CNBC Europe

After a career spanning 25 years he is instantly recognisable to millions of viewers as the voice of over 100 History Channel programmes, 60 National Geographic shows, and as a presenter and actor the face of dozens of commercials including Cadbury’s Fuse,  Shell and British Airways.

“Using David was the best decision I made. He is a consummate professional.”

DCI Chris Philips – Head of NaCTSO

An actor in London’s West End and National Theatre,   he offers a friendly and flexible approach, which means that clients such as ITV, Sky and the BBC keep coming back.

“Professionalism personified! Great voice. Great sense of humour. Great sight reading. David delivers the goods and de-stresses the session.”

Geoff Oliver – Managing Director, The Sound Company

Not only is he a gifted narrator of  Aardman animations, and a former star of the long running stage comedy The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole,  he is also, as a Durham University economics graduate, an authoritative interviewer and presenter, producing incisive podcasts for insurance giant Aviva’s Live Radio, Deloitte’s Quarterly Economic Review and FS insights.

“A presenter who applies his mind to the job – invaluable in this day and age when just ‘speaking words’ is not enough to make a good programme.”

Chris Templeton – Senior Producer, Corporate Television Networks.

His knowledgeable but reassuring tones are increasingly in demand.  He has presented hundreds of programmes on business and corporate issues for major companies including Ford, Mercedes, Microsoft, Standard Life, Boots, IBM and Toyota.Presenter to camera at Tate Modern

“Professional, flexible and easy to work with. David is one of the best”

Roger Unstead – Technical Director, Autonomy Multimedia

Based in London, UK he is increasingly in demand around the world. He has worked for example in Germany on a series of commercials for Ajax and Jakob’s coffee. in Holland on adverts for Rabo bank, in Italy for Plasmon baby food, in Spain for VW Passat and Postalk, in Belgium for HSA, and Switzerland for McDonald’s Happy Meals.