ISDN voice over studio

Voice overs and ISDN

From his studio David can connect anywhere in the world using ISDN to provide a quality voice over recording.

  • iMac
  • Focusrite Saffire Audio interface
  • Fostex PM 04 studio monitors,
  • Audio Technica AT3525 microphone,
  • Spirit Soundcraft mixer,
  • Pronto 2 ISDN Codec.
  • Software includes Cool Edit Pro, Audacity, Propellerhead’s Reason,  Adobe Creative Suite 3 for video and audio production, including Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects Professional.

ISDN number 020 8693 9820

Voice overs and Mp3

Alternatively voice overs can be recorded as wav or mp3 files and forwarded using e-mail.  If the files are very large a file transfer service can be used such as

David is a member of the Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists

Great sounding voice overs, attention to detail, and superb audio quality – the voice business can trust.