Romany biscuit TV ad 1986

This is an ad I was in for Huntley and Palmer’s Romany biscuits.

I came across this gem on YouTube recently and was really pleased to see it. For some reason I never saw the commercial after it was completed so over 25 years later here it is.

We shot the indoor writing sequences during the day then went on to a  night shoot to get the rain sequences. I was drenched after the first take, and stayed wet the rest of the night. I remember being very cold, wet and tired, and about 4 am  being perked up by a stiff whisky. Also during the day I had to endlessly nibble Romany biscuits, then after the camera cut, spit  out into a handy bucket.  After several takes the bucket was a horrible mix of chewed biscuits, paper hankies, and water.  Can’t believe how young I looked then!

~ by David on 15/11/2012.