Presenter to camera

Tate Modern recently provided the location for me to do a news report. With the Thames in the background, I seamlessly linked with my studio anchor and reported on the conclusion of a major building project. Presenter to camera at Tate Modern

Except the whole thing was fake. The studio anchor had recorded her piece to camera several hours before. There was no link up, and my “report” was tightly scripted and on Autocue.

The news item was being made for a construction consortium to include in their pitch for a stake in the building project.

I filmed one piece to camera showing the positive headlines resulting from their involvement. The second report was a bad news item, reporting on overruns, delays, cost escalation and poor management – to highlight the sort of unflattering reports which would flow if less experienced competitors were used.

It’s a graphic way for one consortium to differentiate itself from the others. Was it successful? Well I’ve worked on similar projects where it’s done the trick. As for this one we won’t find out until later in the new year.

David Riley

~ by David on 23/12/2008.