Voice overs and mp3

I recently wrote about voice overs using ISDN.

But more and more companies are requesting audio files are sent by e mail.  In effect the voice over artist is becoming producer, audio engineer, and the talent!  The audio is recorded probably as a wav file, most commonly using a computer, compressed into mp3 format and forwarded as an attachment.

The benefit for clients is that it saves on studio costs, and is often quicker – many voice artists offer same day service.

The downside is that not everybody has fantastic equipment, or the engineering skills to make a good recording.  Mistakes in reading and editing can creep in because there is no external producer’s ear to guide and check.

Sadly some clients are not even bothered about quality – they just want a recording as cheaply as possible, expecting it to be used on the web and heard through low quality speakers.

~ by David on 19/11/2008.